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tv   [untitled]    January 29, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to gaza reports on . the caissons of monday's terrorist attack at moscow's busiest airport has been solved the russian investigation committee promises to reveal all the details. five people died and more than one hundred fifty injured. the case into monday's terrorist attack that moscow's busiest airport has been sold to the russian investigation committee promises to reveal all the details fold like. egypt about cling renewed violence with the death toll rising to almost a sheep following at the dissolution of the company and some political experts claim this week's uprising was orchestrated by the west. pays money bass is journalism in the united states is big corporations of film the media leading many
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americans to look for the truth from on biased sources. a very warm welcome to you this is a live from will stay with me alice have a russian investigators say the case of monday's suicide bomb attack at moscow's don't want out of the airport has been solved let's get more now live from the actual behave at the airport for us you could you know what details do we know at this time. oh yes we know that the russian investigation kmita. today that they have sold the case into monday's january twenty four terrorist attack at the country's biggest and busiest airport in the my idea the airport but so far no details no further details have been rebuilt but we expect that perhaps on monday
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at a press conference the russian vest a geisha kmita will provide journalists with more on that will the january twenty four attack claimed the lives of some thirty five people and more than one hundred twenty people according to the russian health and security health and social development ministry surratt remain in hospitals many of them are still in critical conditions and their own emergency care units well investigators and analysts analyze data from c.c.t.v. cameras and also they've talked to witnesses and what they know is that an unknown person allegedly a man mingled with the crowd which was meeting passengers arriving from different cities and countries at the international airport area and there he said all of his explosives which was equivalent to some seven kilos of t.n.t. and which was stopped with shrapnel well this is what we know also we know that
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those being a harsh criticism all of the security officials working at the idea that. pulling monday's attack us passengers who survived was saying that those were regular people who were helping them around to provide that with first aid and the security officials and health security officials at the airport instead were just staring and they felt like they were lost all the russian president also delivered a very very harsh and critical rattray following moscow's ball me at the airport well in particular he said that security measures the country's main transportation hubs will be stepped up and he also suggested that the country's security. officials learn more from the experience of other countries. consider that situation only consolidating all public forces can we vanquish this evil we have no right to get hysterical about terrorism and spread out through this will make terrorism stronger look at the way americans came together after the events of nine
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eleven even those who are not very fond of president bush said yes he's got to be at the helm he's got to be tough he's got to be the same for our country that's the only way we can defeat terrorism look at most of these also we know from the president's press service that he has just signed a decree here signed the country's prime minister to prepare a draft of how the country is going to step up security measures and also he suggests to lauralee analyze how state budgets had been spent on metal detectors and other security equipment which was supposed to provide security of the country's main airports and railway stations underground systems also we've just heard the russian president's take on all this but what have all the top officials been saying and doing of course in the wake of the tragedy. well she'll
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be off to a terrorist attack of course that had been a lot of criticism of policy committee officials at the scene inside the airport because we know that security at the apple to is provided on two levels security officials of the demise of the apple it all supposed to to check all the log each and all the belongings of the people entering the area of the airport but also there is a second level of security which is provided by the country's interior ministry and their representatives officials at the scene and they've been. they've been trying to put on the responsibility on each other recently and there's been a lot of criticism about the russian state do model russian lawmakers suggest that a new principle a new system three level system all of security which who do tact a lot similar to the one which happened at the outboard should be introduced in the country a similar system has been already introduced in several countries on the european
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continent also and united states of america but as some security tax credits the u.s. intelligence a new security system can one hundred and one hundred percent provide security at the main transportation hub center apples in particular will always be vulnerable to these sorts of attacks. whenever a terrorist attack occurs anywhere in the world every intelligence service scrambles to look at those events because an essence were all in the in the game here and there's always tremendous lessons learned and take away from that but public transportation and specifically air travel is always going to be in the gun sights of the terrorist organizations. many day that was artie's you got that in the grouch over reporting to us live from central moscow just a little bit more on this now we are hearing the russian investigators
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a say that they do know who committed this blast at domodedovo airport the the bombing was committed by a twenty year old native from one of the north caucuses republics of russia and that his name is unknown or to investigators but will not be disclosed we are of course waiting for this information to be confirmed and we'll keep viewers updated on this story as it continues to develop now where journalist laura how often is also known as the resident asks people in the big apple how do we challenge terrorism and whether we have it also on how to stop it. the suicide bomber in moscow the car bomb in iraq the shootings in tucson considering the recent spate of violent acts around the globe are we doing enough to prevent terrorism this week let's talk about that i think we could be keeping
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lines of communication open and i think we can be trying to consider other people's perspectives i think we can be thinking more about policy and less about rhetoric are you willing to do more for if it meant the world is going to be protected more like strip searched at airports if necessary i'm i willing to be censors. i think the new machine i have is fine sees through clothes you're ok with that ok do you think the scanners are ok if it means we're safe yes your calls are coming off a nobody stacia do you think it's ever justifiable do you think anyone ever has a good enough reason to get that angry to do something like that no no i think those. the service is something will go wrong with them to thank about we that it's but it's a good thing to kill people and kill themselves or noise no what if you were being enslaved and you felt like you had no way out when you feel like violence would be an option then. not for other people to suffer no you have to go to these people
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you can't obviously it's horrible what happens but these people that's what they're trying to get they're trying to get the reaction here let them have that kind of power over society and be scared all the time so if the media turns it down a little bit of the coverage it will have an impact on it make them consider whether or not they're going to do it i think so whether or not you think we're doing enough to end terrorism the bottom line is with all the recent violence clearly we have yet to succeed. the u.s. government have been planning to topple the egyptian president for the past three years that's according to diplomatic cables released by wiki leaks a fall show washington has been secretly backing leading figures that behind the nationwide uprising or reportedly some decent people talking to the sounds of
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injured demonstrations since tuesday protesters have returned to cairo central square this morning reiterating calls for president hosni mubarak to step down and if the president dismissed his government would refuse to quit unrest in egypt comes weeks after a month of scales to dismiss yet eighty deaths and the president being toppled before fleeing into exile investigative journalist webster tarpley told r.t. washington wants to put new leaders in power in the arab world to follow the u.s. agenda. i think what we have obviously is there is the cia no doubt about it they are playing the card of mob rule the technical term is our clock recy across the entire arab world it looks to me like a vagabond quite it's a double or nothing strategy they seem to be shooting the works for destabilization mubarak is not dependent enough he's not dependent enough on nato he's not dependent enough on the i.m.f. above all they're looking for some kind of end there jette equation that could be
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played against iran or for other other purposes they're also trying to appeal to this generation of young media lists across the arab world whose imaginations have been captured by a sign you know underneath that there were real grievances there for a price the gasoline price the unemployment but those really have more to do with the wall street depression than with somebody like mubarak then of course there is the question of political oppression and repression which has been going on in egypt look at the weakness of the u.s. the u.s. could not determine the government in iraq even though the u.s. was occupying the country they wanted allow we they got more leaky the pro program . in lebanon the us has tremendous influence right that's another country that's heavily dependent in this case the the new government is more controlled by hezbollah then by the united states so it would seem to me now that we're going to find out soon enough whether the weakness of the us has reached such a point that they can no longer overthrow
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a government like egypt and of course in iran in june and july of two thousand and nine there was an attempt to have the twitter revolution yet another color revolution that one failed similarly in lebanon whenever you're dealing with a with a well organized force that opposes the color revolution the cia people power coup has a very very hard time and succeeding if the army and the police continue to support mubarak and the internet stays turned off then it looks to me like the the smart bet is probably that this is not going to be a cakewalk for these demonstrators and the other question of course is what's their program do they have any solutions or anything their solution seems to be down with mubarak some people would say that if the muslim brotherhood gets the upper hand the army might step in some people in the in the demonstration seem to want the army to take over but that would simply be a new mubarak. dennis webb's it's hoping to see in our studio in washington that disappointments and the lack of trust and media how some americans timing tool tell
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us of news they claim big corporations are pushing their interests on the public rather than facts. here's how can i went to find out who's behind the information being broadcast in the us. everyone seems to know that he who pays the piper gets to call the tune. in the us paying the piper and running the show are corporations that you may call what american see hear and read it's a money maker it's a cash cow people don't think that there's any money in the media i mean aside from health care these days there's probably the media is the industry of the twenty first century half a century ago fifty corporations random major networks and newspapers since then a rapid concentration of media ownership has resulted in a near media monopoly spearheaded by a lucky few for pumping money from the news cash cow and piping corporate interests
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to the viewers and readers. the danger of this kind of media concentration is that it robs democracy of diversity it robs viewers from being exposed to a wider range of views. analysts say the us is living in the golden age of media bias. it's never been easier for them to find out exactly who's behind what where the conflicts of interest are topping the list of owners of rupert murdoch and his empire the news corp you have a new global media enterprise made if you shake that agenda at all your intentions i mean we tried. murdoch stands over fox news channel the wall street journal and the new york post the fox channel is definitely seen as the most partisan and the most focused on advancing a particular political party at a political interest so is this because of rupert murdoch's personal interests
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definitely there's no doubt about a. general electric one of the largest military contractors for the u.s. government plus comcast one of america's largest cable providers are joined by the hip running the n.b.c. network the floor of the hudson river is covered with carcinogenic p c b s these toxic genic dangerous chemicals that were put there by general electric general electric owns n.b.c. and b c has not taken any trouble to report on this massive environmental story. with the innocent face of mickey mouse as their trademark disney is the proud owner of a.b.c. when a.b.c. was bought by does the and there were some a.b.c. stories about improprieties at disneyland is the world disney killed those c.n.n. and time magazine belong to time warner joining the media giants are c.b.s. corporation towering over c.b.s. news and viacom a global entertainment content company running among others comedy central they're
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supposed to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. but when you have journalists treading lightly around corporate and governmental eats it almost defeats the reason for their even existing the purpose of existence for corporations is profit meaning investors interests are placed ahead of anything else that would matter in journalism good business is bad journalism good journalism is bad business broadcaster laura flanders says counting on getting facts from the corporate media is simply naive we can't be reliant on military contractors. to bring us news about the war any more than we can be reliant upon television networks that are run by disney to bring us the truth about what's happening in our economy as the media are increasingly not the lies the number of voices interested in bringing their viewers a little something called truth has decreased as a result instead of representing journalism the media have become louder
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mouthpieces for corporations is this intrusion our hearts see. because of the doubts in the media more americans it's happening to the internet and all the. things to find out the truth but wait a. while wide web is becoming manipulated by big business. to another issue is that you have the old dinosaur meet again now owned by five or maybe six mega conglomerates and they're really teaming up with the government and getting secret payments so this came out five years ago famous cases of reporters being given hundreds of thousands of dollars apiece by the bush administration williams is one of the famous instances to go out and promote new federal initiatives that bush was pushing and this really exploded under clinton expanded under bush and it's now just gone into warp speed under barack obama so it's not just that you have these five to six mega corporations that have all these other corporate subsidiaries and they won't report on things that put them in
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a bad light you have direct government payments of taxed. they are money secretly being funneled to them this is outrageous and we've seen massive viewership drops on cable and broadcast t.v. and in newspapers and you've seen sites like involve wars dot com or other alternative media exploding to now google has announced very that they're going to start filtering all the alternative exploding media websites and foreign news outlets that are becoming so popular because they give a different perspective doesn't mean they don't have agendas but there's a different perspective and so now they're announcing the internet kill switch and c.c. regulation over the internet senator jay rockefeller one of the key committee says we would have been better off without the internet so instead of just having a something where the egyptians shut the internet off in five minutes we have this slow strangling of the internet because the old dinosaur mega media is losing credibility and it's a government mouthpiece and so they're now moving in with a perfect storm to restrict free speech that the internet is in danger. or were
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also online view twenty four hours a day with plenty more stories for you to explore here's just some of what you'll find right now it's all t. dot com wearing armani isn't enough you can also you stay in an exclusive emporio armani hurts. kerry now plans to design out how the russians something we should all stop but just like his clothes it's. one of the most of famous pylons in the walled slab apollo moon is back in moscow with his no show but this performance is gallant and he wants us. to last and claimed a russian orthodox novel called has turned out to be an old fart on insects and well after his fifty year old fear his own boss a fly migration were proved wrong to get more on all so you don't call.
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on that check on some other international news this hour now and at least a falling will have to buy a bomb in a busy road tunnel in northwest pakistan nineteen others were wounded in the explosion many of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital in peshawar is thought either the taliban all claim to militants overhauling the atomic. the african union says it's forming a panel of heads of state to solve the political crisis in the ivory coast within a month the move came to three days of talks in ethiopia following widespread on rest since november disputed elections for ma very leader is refusing to step down despite calls from the international community here the opposition candidate is the
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right. the european union has begun a preliminary probe into allegations of course of those prime minister once led a ring trafficking human organs it follows a council of europe report alleging she was the boss of a criminal underworld gang involved in the grisly organ trade during the one thousand nine hundred ninety one. the report also implicates the cost of a liberation army in the crimes which is said to have involved killings in prison as. south africa's former president nelson mandela is resting at home in johannesburg after being discharged from hospital but on the two year old was admitted for two nights with an acute respiratory infection his stay provoked public panic over the health of the anti apostle. mandela's office says it received over ten that tells the divestitures of support for well wishes. top story now russian investigators say that they have solved the case into the
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terrorist attack of moscow's domodedovo airport last monday this is side bomber who killed forty five people with a native of russia's move cooper says his name has not been revealed by officials. it promised to provide a new details on the case later on more than one hundred people wounded during the attack remain in hospital several known russians were among those killed by the blast to stay with our she is will have the latest on this developing story as soon as we get it. but i'll be back with a recap of our top stories at hoff past the hour but first it's going to business update now. good to have your company you're watching business the world economic forum as it is finishing stage but it has been more than intensive for the russian delegation with many major deals being announced investors say it's now time to turn expressions of will into action our correspondent daniel bushell wraps up the
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business conference wars. well if russia does go on to become the open high tech economy that protects foreign investment then economists will call devils twenty eleven the turning point the right words were backed by deals president medvedev ten point plan this week here in davos really cemented that reputation he promised the fun to share risks and costs with foreign investors that invest in russia he also said russia will join finally the world trade organization this year followed by the o.e.c.d. the organization economic for a developed countries and finally create a common economic space with the european union a common space from the atlantic to the pacific it sounds impressive and those words were by god deals as i say we had. russia's largest dairy producer being
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bought by pepsi co with the plan of turning it into the world's largest every producer then exxon mobil the world's largest oil and gas company agreeing with rosneft to develop black sea oil and gas for over a billion dollars and finally we've got several deals in the pipeline the world's largest advertising company w p p is in talks with quite one or two russian companies to purchase them and increase their presence on the russian economy the dean of the school of a school of management is echoing the sentiments among world business leaders and explains what also has brought in for the russian. i think it has achieved a number of things first of all it has created you know great fiza billet the. projects that it's gets a lot of visibility in russia it's been a critical but i think it's also critical to management development and preparing leadership worldwide so it's a great opportunity for us to come here see our friends and sponsors potential new
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people that support the idea so overall this has been you know very good for the school in terms of physicality in terms of the feedback we get in terms of what we're doing and i think you know overall i'm very happy because it's feels like we're on the right track russian authorities approved pepsico is free point eight billion dollars acquisition of the country's dairy giants win bohdan indra nooyi pepsico c.e.o. says russia is a perfect platform for further global expansion. using women down i think we can expand into cia central and eastern europe because those markets can all be serviced out of wimbledon and russia we have to decide how to take the build our technology develop a whole range of products that we can sell in other parts of the world so we can leverage the world of the value added their expertise our partnership with the saudi arabian dairy company and figure out how to bring the expertise of both companies together to build out their platform for the company how much can you
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grow wimbledon as a company our nutrition business which is about ten billion today and with wimbledon becomes twelve twelve billion plus can grow to about thirty billion by the year twenty twenty and russia becomes very interesting because russia's goodland russia's called water and russia can be a great source of food for us so one of our goals is to develop russian agriculture to be the hub for certain fruits stone fruits in particular the rest of the world the differences between doing business in russia and another emerging market india russia is perhaps. more developed than india in terms of frameworks exists systems exist so does in india too but in india. when you want to buy land you have to really go through a long process to get it because as a rule of law you can go to a small farmer and say i want to learn you've got to go through a process. the first deputy chairman of the c.b.
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will become the president of the bank of moscow and they say this effectively means russia's second largest lender has been given the green light to acquire the bank of moscow which was founded by. the t.v. was the first to express interest in the assets but ben alphabet wanted to buy one hundred percent of the land but it seems it has lost the race. despite a terrorist attack at one of moscow's ports on monday the russian stock markets experienced a very stressful week of trading says stephen the ship's managing partner at the ship skin partners the russian market is finishing the week largely unchanged because over the. last couple of years it really has become much more driven by the external events rather than some internal specific factors and so together with global markets which have been largely flat over the last couple of weeks the russian market has been flat we've seen some activity in gas prominent roles we see
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people switching out for example out of steels into some of the oil and gas names like gas prom and nafta but overall there has not been a lot of activity and so for now the headlines are next on out so you do stay with us. the more people we killed a happier our officers were it got to be like
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a game like young people to see who could kill the most people and the different ways you could prove maybe peace killed would be i can you know here's a few brought back someone's ears you know where they have the most fears they will get the most fierce in-tray you should be reduced overnight human children in five men around the circle over know on full automatic whether i'm sixty. she was taken down or a bus or some people in front of her only. the most of the one. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go.


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